Tissue Salts and Homeopathic Courses

Switch your CELLS on in 2020

Cellular health is the cornerstone to optimum wellbeing

Learn new ways on how Tissue Salts can:

  • Support any  health regime prescribed
  • Reach their weight loss goals faster
  • Accelerate overall absorption of nutrients
  • Stimulate cells to wake up & detoxify
  • Support the inner & outer glow
  • Improve hair, skin & nails
  • Calm the nervous system
  • Slow down ageing

If you want to learn more on Schuessler enrol in a FREE

Level 1 via correspondence – write to [email protected] to receive your copy of Level 1

Accredited course
Zoom Trainings – level 1 compulsory.
Understanding the impact Schuessler can have on boosting health in 2020. Receive a $50 showbag with every training

  • Tuesday 3rd  March – Absorption is the key
  • Tuesday 6th April – Stimulate your metabolism & detoxify effectively
  • Tuesday 5th May – Adding a Tissue Salt to every health regime

Time  –  6pm (Eastern time)  for 45 minutes

Join ZOOM meeting https://zoom.us/j/4640564836

Each Zoom training  – 2 CPE points
RSVP – 15th Feb

Contact reception on 1800 652 443 or email [email protected] to book into Zoom training sessions

Level 2 – Facial Analysis trainings for 2020
Venue to be confirmed
Facial Analysis – Learning how to analyse the absence of certain minerals develops certain signs on the face, changes of colouring and skin elasticity

Also, the impact deficiency of minerals showing on tongue and nails are studied in this course.

CPE Points available

Cost: $125 – early bird $85
(Level 1 is a pre-requisite)

Write to [email protected] to receive your free level 1 Tissue Salt manual


  • Melbourne – April 23rd
  • Gold Coast – June 16th
  • NSW – July 22nd

Level 3 – Understanding Body Types and the mineral needs for each body type

  • Toowoomba – August 19th
  • Melbourne – Sept 16th

NB – Level 1 is a prerequisite for Level 2 & 3

Contact customer service for more information on 1800 652 443

  • An introduction to the body’s 12 vital minerals
  • How Tissue Salts are integral to each system of the body
  • Everyday uses of the Tissue Salts
  • Combination Tissue Salts and their uses

*Includes: Workbook, Handbook, CD, Certificate of Completion and Schuessler gift pack.

  • An introduction to Homeopathic principles and philosophy
  • Remedies for First Aid
  • Martin & Pleasance Homeopathic Complex Range in detail
  • Homeopathic prescribing for the whole family

*Includes: Workbook, Certificate of Completion and Homeopathic gift pack.