7 Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

7 Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

Q: I know that good sleep is so important to my health and well being.   I have tried everything and still have broken sleep, can you help?

A: We all know that a good night’s sleep is crucial to our health, it begins with maintaining a calm mind and body throughout the day; this is achievable with Schuessler Tissue Salts.

Poor sleep can lead to irritability, difficulty concentrating , a sluggish metabolism, ongoing fatigue and depression.

I recommend 2 Tissue Salt combinations to assist with insomnia:

Comb A is a combination of 3 minerals (Kali Phos, Mag Phos, Ferr Phos ) that  work synergistically to assist with insomnia where muscle cramps, sciatica and inflammation keep you awake at night.

Comb F is a combination of 4 minerals (Kali Phos, Mag Phos, Nat Mur and Silica) which help with fatigue and mental exhaustion.

Tissue Salts need to be taken at least 4 times a day for optimum results.

7 tips for a restful sleep

  1. Schuessler Tissue Salts: Comb A or Comb F
  2. Keep your bedroom quiet and dark with no TV or computer in your bedroom
  3. A hot shower before bed
  4. A warm cup of milk or herbal tea before bed
  5. Massage your feet with Mag Phos Tissue Salt Cream
  6. Read an uplifting book
  7. Listen to relaxing music while in bed or meditate

Schuessler Tissue Salts are available in tablets, lactose free sprays and creams from Health Food Stores.

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1 year ago


Catherine Shipley
Catherine Shipley
1 year ago

I have been advised I need to incorporate Vit.K2-MK7 as I take Vitamin D for health reasons prescribed by a Rheumatologist. I have just discovered your products and wondered if your Combi F would suit.

11 months ago

How many pellets of each 4 of each one and take all at once?

Nicholas Wurmli
Nicholas Wurmli
1 month ago

Homeopathy cell salts that will help you sleep, and ones that will help you stop going to the toilet