Wild About Schuessler

Wild About Schuessler

T – Tell everyone about the benefits of Schuessler in accelerating the absorption of all supplementation by improving cell metabolism…this is why tissue salts are so important and unique to any other supplementation

I – Inspire all your cells by giving them the food they need in order to keep you healthy…I call them the internal GPS…do you have one working within?

S – Stress, stress and more stress – Comb 5 is the key here…with all Valerian supplements, St John’s Wort, Magnesium, Hops…Menopausal imbalances –make sure you add Comb 5 a few times each day to your daily regime and you will be amazed at how good you start to feel.

S – Support your family & pets with Schuessler as your whole family will benefit. They are safe to take alongside any health regime and even prescriptive medication.

U – Unite – Calcium is so important for our body but taking Calcium supplements is not an effective solution without Comb U – make sure your Calcium supplement gets to where it needs to go within your body effectively

E – Energise, embrace and enjoy how you move towards balance. Alkalize your cells so they remain happy and therefore healthy…remember disease starts in just one cell…Empower your cells today with Schuessler Tissue Salts…

T          I          S          S          U          E

S          A          L          T          S

by Susan Gianevsky Homeopath & International Health Educator

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Janet Revill
Janet Revill
1 year ago

My dog was born with hip dysplasia and arthritis in her joints. She is now three and has just had two operations for torn cruciate ligament. I give her glucosamine, turmeric, collagen, calcium, Vit D, hemp oil, bone broth etc. She has just spent 6 weeks in a pen at the vets whilst she recovers from her operations and soon I need to look at a hip replacement for her. What tissue salts would you recommend to help strengthen her joints and muscles? She also has a bladder problem and is given propillin syrup twice a day to help control this.

7 months ago

Hello, I am 61 years old, have 4 sons. I have Hypothyroidism, (75mg day) I have vitiligo, psoriasis, my legs are dry and flaky and I have a very dry flaky/itchy scalp, my nails are slow to grow I also heal very slowly and my sense of smell is very poor.

I have tried, for about 20 years to address this, and whilst I have felt that the remedy is within me and helped by nutrition/vitamins it’s always been for me about the right combination. I had an epiphany and thought maybe the answer was on a cellular level, not knowing where to start I looked at Doctor Yourself and came across Dr Schuessler.
I have been reading about the 12 salts and thought maybe you would be able to advise which of the tissue salts you would recommend.

Regards Lauren