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Why Recommend Tissue Salts?

  • Tissue Salts are micro doses of minerals that help rectify mineral imbalances which may be the cause of many common ailments.
  • Tissue Salts may assist the absorption of nutrients from food and supplements.

What Are They?
They are 12 inorganic minerals essential to the body, a deficiency or imbalance in one or more of these minerals may result in many common ailments and illnesses.

How Are They Made?

  • They are homeopathically prepared in micro doses by the traditional method using hand grinding with a mortar & pestle.
  • They are manufactured in certified premises in Australia for Martin & Pleasance Pty. Ltd. since the 1800s.

How Do They Work?
As Schuessler Tissue Salts are minerals in micro doses this allows them to more readily enter the cells, where they are needed. They come in the form of chewable tablets or oral sprays so are quickly absorbed by the blood vessels of the mouth and don’t need to travel through the digestive system. This allows quick uptake through the circulation system.

Tissue Salts Cellular Health Page

How Long Have Schuessler Salts Been Used For?

Dr Schuessler, a german physician, established the presence of 12 inorganic mineral salts in the body and defined the types of disorder arising from a deficiency of each salt in the late 1800s. They have been used ever since in many countries around the world.

Why are there 40 different tissue salts & how do I know which one to recommend?
There are 12 single Tissue Salts for 12 sets of ailments you will learn about here.

The 12 Tissue Salts Minerals

Combination Tissue Salts

There are a further 22 Tissue Salts which are various combinations of the 12 singles pre-mixed for easy selection for specific ailments. The ailment they address is clearly marked on the label or you may use the Selection Wheel to find which combination tissue salt to recommend.

Combination Tissue Salts Page

There are also 3 Kidz Minerals which are half sized, strawberry flavoured combinations of tissue salts to address 3 common complaints suffered during childhood

  • Be Calm
  • Strong Bones & Teeth Healthy Skin
  • Cold & Cough Relief

Who can take them?
They are suitable for the whole family, including infants (crush the tablet), children, during pregnancy, whilst breast feeding, by the elderly, by people on other medications. The tissue salt sprays have been made especially for the lactose intolerant.

Why are there tissue salt creams?
The tissue salts in the 3 creams are absorbed directly into the skin for specific external disorders.

  • Calc Fluor – Haemorrhoids & Varicose Veins
  • Mag Phos – Nerve & Muscle Relaxant
  • Ferr Phos – Inflammation, redness & throbbing

Why would I recommend a tissue salt when a customer buys another supplement?
Schuessler Tissue Salts may allow the body to better utilize the benefits of the supplement whilst correcting imbalance at a cellular level.

How many do you take?
Adults: Chew 1 tablet 4 times a day Or spray 4 times 4 times a day
Acute: Every 30 minutes until symptoms subside
Take 30 minutes away from food for best results.

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