I feel I eat well and still have high cholesterol – now my health practitioner is worried about my heart health – I just don’t have the energy to get me through the day to do more for my health….

Many people still don’t realize that we are responsible for taking care of our health daily.   Many of us are still not aware that the lifestyle choices we make have a direct impact on the health of our organs.  A sedentary lifestyle for instance is very bad for the entire cardiovascular system.  Metabolic problems such as high blood sugar and cholesterol levels go hand in hand with such a lifestyle.  However, if we jump start our health by eating well, exercising daily and reducing our stress levels we will find that we can be in better control of our own health…our heart will be grateful each day.

With our soils so deficient in the minerals we used to depend on and the fast food that has become part of our busy lifestyle it is no wonder our health regime is not assisting our on going good health.  We are becoming more and more dependent on stimulants to get us through the day that we are forgetting the impact they have on our health in the long run.

We need Tissue Salts more and more to support and stimulate our cell metabolism to assist with the proper absorption of our food and the energy required to get through our day.

I recommend Mag Phos 6X & Ferr Phos 6X to assist with jump starting heart  health by supporting the body to better absorb the iron from foods and re-oxygenating the cells of the body providing the energy needed to get through your day and   Mag Phos  for all energy producing processes in the cells.  This applies just as much to supporting heart muscles, vascular muscles and stomach/intestinal muscles.

Susan’s tips:

Reduce fat in your diet

Eat less salt and sugar

Exercise daily

Keep weight down

Stop smoking and reducing drinking

Find ways to relax – meditation, yoga, walking

Eat fresh as much as you can

– See more at: http://www.martinandpleasance.com/schuessler-tissue-salts/alive-heart-health/#sthash.BdnaBxFN.dpuf

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