Did you know that Ferr Phos 6X  & Mag Phos 6X are a great duo in more ways than one.

A cough is a common reflux action that clears mucus, foreign irritants from your throat.  Most times a cough is a common symptom for colds and the flu.  It can many times be difficult to tell the difference between them. Most coughs are caused by viruses which inflame the throat, windpipe or lungs.  Coughs caused by viruses often last for a few weeks but I have found that when you experience that uncomfortable tickle in the throat, your throat feels like it is heating up and by the end of the day swallowing hurts reach out for Tissue Salts to strengthen your internal armour.

Ferr Phos 6X is known as the First Aid Salt and is the key Tissue Salt  whenever we are experiencing the above symptoms.  Chewing 1 tablet every half hour for up to 6 doses or 4 sprays of Ferr Phos will re-oxygenate the area and then use every 2 hours until you start feeling better.  I have found if you proactively take Ferr Phos at the onset it will settle within a few hours stopping the second stage of the persistent and painful cough/cold. 

For the persistent cough or coughing attacks I suggest adding  Mag Phos 6X to your regime again taking it every half hour until the cough settles and you can resume your normal activity.  Many don’t consider Mag Phos 6X as they see it only know this mineral to assist with cramps and pain but many of my clients have had relief after using these Tissue Salts for a few weeks.

It is always good to remember that Tissue Salts don’t interfere with any other regime or prescriptive medication you  may be taking.


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