I am on a flight to Cairns having some thinking time and I thought to myself I’ve been very happy as inside my body are trillions of cells that must be happy with the way I look after them. I keep feeling well and energised all thanks to adding Tissue Salts daily to my regime.

I must share with you it’s very simple when you start understanding the food that makes your cells thrive. Our cells create all that our body needs from building healthy connective tissue, to healthy bile and opening up the pathways so blood can flow easily as the cells become oxygenated with Ferr Phos.

This method that Dr Schuessler created has allowed so many people all around the world to live in their best health. I say BEST HEALTH as Tissue Salts are intracellular food that they need to activate all that we are swallowing.

We are becoming more aware of the importance of vitamins and minerals but did you know that without Tissue Salts all that you are swallowing doesn’t have an internal GPS. Why build nutrients in your body if they cannot be effectively distributed and absorbed?

Good health is a daily goal I nurture and it begins with hearing the whispers that come from your cells via symptoms which show you all that you need.

The first thing I always share with anyone I meet is that Tissue Salts can be taken alongside any regime, they don’t interfere with medication you may be taking, nor do they build in your body as do crude minerals. The moment you start chewing a Tissue Salt it enters your bloodstream so it is already digested as it makes its way activating your cells and the same with the lactose free spray.

I am so pleased that your whole family can benefit from these little white gems that are still prepared by hand in a mortar & pestle. You may ask why is this important as Dr Schuessler believed that the only way the minerals the body needs as Tissue Salts were in an assimilated form could be dispersed into the cell as the lactose is the carrier.

Tissue Salts do not replace any of your other health supplements you choose but rather they are the missing link that accelerate your absorption effectively.

I moved to plant based supplements a year ago which I take alongside my Tissue Salts and what an amazing journey it has been. I have now created an internal oasis where plant based supplements meet Tissue Salts and harmonise as well as build my inner health to ensure I am equipped for this new world we are living in today.

How lucky are we to be living in a time where plant based supplements and Tissue Salts are available to you and all you need to do is learn more about the impact they can have on your health.

You are what your cells need – it’s simple, just feed them daily.

Enjoy good health,


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