Over the last 10 years I can see that natural medicine is starting to dominate the health arena more than ever before. Many clients who come in to see me with bags filled with natural medicine they are taking because they want to feel or look a particular way. I ask if they are jumping out of their skin in good health but many say that they still don’t have the energy or flexibility they need to get through the day.
The combination of depleted soils, increasing stress in our lives and more processed foods than ever before, it is becoming difficult to depend on a well – balanced diet to cater for all health needs.
Healthy cells are necessary in order to absorb the nutrients that enter the bloodstream. I recommend that you consider Tissue Salts as part of the natural medicine choice you make to ensure that you build a stronger infrastructure to assist you with good health throughout your lifetime. Tissue Salts are the building blocks to good health by ensuring all that you are ingesting is properly broken. Even if you are taking a Magnesium supplement it is advisable to take Mag Phos 6X Tissue Salt to deliver the Magnesium where it needs to be.
Swallowing vitamins and minerals doesn’t always mean that they are being activated in your body. When your cells have the support of the 12 Tissue Salts energy, digestion, mood and sleep is balanced and you are able to reach your daily goals.

Susan’s Tips

  • Increase water intake
  • Select a Tissue Salt and take it for at least 2 months
  • Follow a simple health regime
  • Walk for at least 30 mins each day

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