As women, it is so natural to reach out and always help without first asking ourselves if we have enough energy. On top of this, women are juggling work and family needs as well as running around ensuring that there is enough food in the house, keeping the home spotless, maintaining a job to pay the household expenses…this over time takes its toll and our immunity becomes depleted…
I love celebrating International Women’s Day as it is my way to remind women to take care of their core – their cells…healthy cells are your key to maintaining good health throughout your lifetime. Healthy cells enable you to enjoy a healthy mind, nervous system, immune system, lymphatic system, balanced organs, energy and calm all at the same time.
Over the years I have found that there isn’t anything available quite like the Tissue Salts to activate the cells to their proper balance naturally. Tissue Salts stimulate cell metabolism enabling us to be able to better absorb the nutrition from our diet and our supplements more effectively.
I have always believed that your mind and body needs daily nurturing for you to live in your optimum health and wellbeing garden. Simply swallowing Vitamins and Minerals isn’t the solution without ensuring that all that you are taking is able to be absorbed by your cells. Tissue Salts are the infrastructure that your organs need in order to cope with all that they need to do within your body.

This International Women’s Day I invite you to consider the impact adding 2 Tissue Salts to your health regime can have on your health – Mag Phos & Silica
Mag Phos 6X – Nerve & Muscle Relaxant assisting with:
• Cramps
• Headaches
• Muscular tension
• Sugar cravings
• Eye and leg twitches…

Also, consider taking Mag Phos 6X along with your current Magnesium to assist with the delivery of Magnesium to your cells, or if you are diabetic or on blood pressure medication.
Silica 6X – Cleanser & Conditioner – is involved in the production of collagen…contributing to the elasticity, firmness of skin, hair and nails.

An effective mineral to assist with:
• Pimples
• Ulcers
• Styes
• Hair loss
• Enjoy stepping into WELLNESS with Tissue Salts….

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