We all wonder where has the week gone, we rush around planning what we will buy to prepare over the weekend but how many of us ever stop and ask – what do my cells need this week ? I am sure that some symptoms that weren’t there a week ago have pooped up  but because of deadlines, never finding time to slow down some symptoms go unnoticed thinking they will just go away.

this Friday ask yourself what do my cells need this week – have you overindulged ? Nat Sulph6X & Nat Phos 6X are a great duo taken 4 x per day for a good month.

Have you experienced a few sleepless nights ? Comb A is the ideal combination that will infuse your cells with the 3 key minerals they need to be in balance so a restful pattern of sleep can be part of your life again.

Enjoy your weekend and remember if your cells are happy you will have a healthy weekend filled with energy! Enjoy

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