We are hearing so much these days about Mindfulness and the importance it has on our ongoing life balance. For many sitting  still or finding the time to follow a mindfulness programme is overwhelming. A great author I have just been introduced to – Kate James in her book – Believe in yourself & do what you LOVE  says the science behind meditation is not just for keeping you calm – it thickens the brain tissue in the areas associated with memory, decision making, learning and perspective – taking – it will also help you sleep better – I totally agree but to be more able to find the time to be mindful, to meditate, to sit calmly Tissue Salts assist every cell in your body to be balanced at their core. I love the impact Comb 5 – 5 phosphates has on restoring the mind & body towards inner calm. Simply chew 1 Comb 5 – 4 x per day or 4 sprays 4 x per day for a good 3 months and you will have found your inner calm naturally with the support of a mindfulness exercise that best suits your style. Tissue Salts do not interfere with any medication or health regimes followed! Enjoy , Susan

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