We have stepped into Autumn and I am already feeling drier. My skin, my hair, my cravings have all changed. I find that many of my clients share with me that their water intake drops once Summer is over and the weather cools down.

Depending on tea and coffee to get you through the day also can contribute to this inner dry that we experience. Some remind me that they feel dehydrated even though they drink plenty of water which is a further reminder of the importance of Nat Mur – rehydrating at the cellular level.

NAT MUR 6X – Fluid Balance is always the Tissue Salt I rely on to rehydrate my core during these Autumn days…did you know Nat Mur is the water distributing tissue Salt. Without Nat Mur cell division and normal growth cannot proceed.

Another important function of Nat Mur is the production of hydrochloric acid. Too little acid means slow digestion and when the body’s fluids become too acidic, minerals are pulled out of bones and tissues to compensate. Above all Nat Mur restores the fluid balance our cells need daily.

I recommend staying on Nat Mur all through April – July to further support your cellular health and keep your internal armour strong.

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